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EMILY, nubuck, which has been renewed with touches in its design decision, enriches its visual with plexi, while fine gold lines and symmetry size the design.


Increase your diversity with our wooden albums that appeal to the taste of both you and your customers with special color options.
Perfectionism is our character, and when we design all our Professional Photo Albums, we care about detail and harmonize all the details to the smallest point, making beauty exist as a whole.


For multi-page preferences in album designs, our page thicknesses are 0.5 mm, which are made in the binding system using Hot-Melt technology. by 1 mm. it varies in the December period.


Thanks to Lay-Flat, a technological new acquisition, albums provide impeccable eye pleasure and image fluidity when opened. Albums produced as standard 10 pages can also be designed as much as you want, you can increase the number of pages. The thickness of the product used in the pages is 0.5 mm. by 1 mm. you can choose between decoupage options.


Our Professional Photo Album boxes, which have a unique quality and material as a design, are produced in each album's own unique color.
A must-have for our professional photographers, this album box is designed for reliable, long-lasting and decorative displays.

Basic Box

Celine Album Box

Luxury Album Box

Style Album Box


Our Professional Photo Albums, which are most preferred by our professional photographers and produced in different sizes according to the models, are produced in the following sizes.


30,5 x 80
30,5 x 76
25,4 x 70


25,4 x 50
30,5 x 60


30,5 x 50
35 x 65


We offer you 5 different paper models so that you can store your best memories of your special days in the most vivid and reliable way. You can choose these paper models according to your taste, which is the choice of Professional Photographers and the choice of the latest printing technologies.


This paper, which offers high-quality images in print colors and transitions, is one of the original types of photo paper preferred by professional photographers in their panoramic albums with its glossy and semi-silky appearance.


With its silky appearance and texture, it has been among the preferred paper types for professional photographers for many years dec


The photo paper has an eye-catching radiant appearance thanks to the glossy lamination coating applied on it. Thanks to this coating, the photos show high resistance to external influences for many years.


This paper, known as pearl in the world, is the original photo paper and gives a metallic printing effect to the image in the photos after printing due to the high proportion of silver in it.


You can place an order by selecting album packages that we have not specified before according to the content you have requested.


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